“I must tell you that you are a fantastic coach. Your questions makes me look deeper within myself and draw answers I never thought of. The answers has always been there, but you bring them out. Thank you!
Also, your Networking event on Monday was very professional and had a welcoming feeling to it. I was into a few conversations in about 2 minutes because everyone was friendly and welcoming!”
D. Odumosu, London

“On behalf of the Danish team of administrators, I would like to share our appreciations for your well-conducted session in Copenhagen last week. Your positive approach and fine training skills were a pleasure to us all.”
– K. Flindt-Larsen, Pfizer Denmark

“You are one of the person I really appreciate in what you are doing. I was a long time ago also a trainer, and I know how difficult it can be to give some “IT – Business” trainings. But with your structure and “No Stress” attitude, it was always a pleasure to follow your trainings.”
– M. Klint, Pfizer Belgium

“Nicole is always well-prepared and very sensitive to client-needs. She is constantly focused on delivering solutions. In Turkey, for instance, we were faced by one big challenge: the Train-the-Trainer to be in Turkish. Nicole came up with a quick and effective solution: Her team taught a small group of English-speaking trainers in the morning, and they in turn, taught Turkish trainers in the afternoon. It worked well and gave our trainers extra-confidence.”
– K. Atasoy, Onikiconsulting Turkey

“Nicole is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person. She frequently came up with new and innovative approaches to her work assignments, including a very effective and impressive training delivery to an audience of Spanish clients, even though she had no formal training in the language.
Nicole always meets deadlines, has a keen sense of analysis for issues within the business. She is a person driven by excellence and a pleasure to work with. She is highly respected, as a person and a professional, by colleagues, friends, supervisors, and customers alike.”
– G. Mullings, Cognizant

“Nicole and Nicky arrived and spent three weeks training our staff in how to make sure the Education Centre provides vibrant, engaging and learner-focused workshops and sessions to children and adults. This training was invaluable and all the staff were blown away by the new skills they have acquired…thank you Nicky, Nicole and thank you Happy!”
– N. Williams, Softpower Education

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