Who I am: 
I am a self-employed training consultant and coach and currently spend about 50% of my time on Personal Development/ Management Training and 50% on IT Training. The feedback and evaluations I receive are excellent.

What I can offer is 10 years of…
• Experience in designing training programmes and delivering training (classroom and online)
• Experience of managing small teams and teaching world-wide
• Creativity, quality and learner-focus
• Experience of working with and tailoring training delivery to a varied audience (analysts, unemployed, ex-offenders, sales people, CEOs, charity employees, etc.)

Sample Courses – IT:
• Veeva/ Salesforce CRM
• Siebel CRM
• Excel to advanced level

Sample Courses – Management Training:
• Supervision Essentials
• Managing and Developing People
• Delegating Successfully
• Personal Impact and Influence
• Credibility in the Workplace
• Marketing Yourself for a New Job Role
• Networking
• Active Listening
• Stress Management
• Time Management
• Assertiveness
• Emotional Intelligence
• Presentation Skills
• Communication Skills
• Constructive Feedback
• Outstanding Client Relationships

What I enjoy:
• Getting it right for the client and the people I teach
• The opportunity to be creative
• Working for great workplaces and managers/ project managers

Well-known clients I have worked with previously are: BP, UBS, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Hewitt Associates, Lufthansa Technics, and Siemens Healthcare. My favourite organisation is still Happy – they are a great place to work and strive to get it right for their employees.

Education in short:
• MSc. in Social Psychology, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
• Dipl.-Psych., University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
• Certificate in Training Practise by the Certified Institute for Personal Development, London, UK
• Coaching degree by the International Coach Academy

Dealing constructively with intercultural communication issues; in: Cross-cultural communication: methods, models and examples; Kumbier, D.; Schulz von Thun, F. (2006) (original title: Ueber den konstuktiven Umgang mit kulturellen Irritationen; in: Interkulturelle Kommunikation: Methoden, Modelle, Beispiele)



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